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Prospectus June 2021

File size: 2.1 MB (PDF File)

Child Protection Policy

File size: 402 KB (PDF File)

Admissions Policy 08 Reviewed 171019

File size: 191 KB (PDF File)

PDG Statement

File size: 156 KB (PDF File)

Estyn Report 2019 Model CIW School

File size: 304 KB (PDF File)

Section 50 Report 2014

File size: 384 KB (PDF File)

Health And Safety Policy 2020

File size: 1.2 MB (PDF File)

Model News Newsletter Autumn 20

File size: 129 KB (PDF File)

Information To Parents Booklet 2019

File size: 19 KB (Word File)

Free School Meals Letter From County

File size: 373 KB (PDF File)

Email Address Update Form

File size: 83 KB (PDF File)

Parent Contact Information Update Form

File size: 61 KB (PDF File)

E Safety Policy

File size: 657 KB (PDF File)

Attendance Policy

File size: 370 KB (PDF File)

Complaints Procedure

File size: 354 KB (PDF File)

Pupil Discipline Policy

File size: 976 KB (PDF File)



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