What is a Parent Council?

A parent council is a body of parents, representing parents, run by parents with the support of the school.

Parent Councils can provide an excellent forum for parents to come together, share ideas, and put forward their views to the Head Teacher and the governing body of the school.

What is the purpose of a Parent Council?

  • To give parents a voice in the school and find out what parents are thinking.
  • To encourage parents to get more involved in the school.
  • To help parents support their children with their learning.
  • To allow the governing body to identify what changes and improvements parents would like to see.

Reasons for setting up a Parent Council

Parents have a vital role to play, not only in their own child’s achievements, but also in the life of the school and the well-being of its pupils.  Setting up a Parent Council will require a real commitment from the school and from some parents. It will take time for the Parent Council to become part of the life of the school. However these are the benefits for all involved:

 Benefits for our children

  • Children behave better and achieve more when their parents are involved in their education.
  • Their parents will receive advice and information about how to support their learning.
  • Their concerns can be resolved more quickly when their parents have a positive relationship with school staff.

 Benefits for our parents

  • Their active involvement in decision- making is increased, fostering a culture of ownership and participation.
  • They would get the support and advice they need to help and encourage their children with their learning.
  • They would have more information about their children’s education and the quality of that education.

Benefits for the school

  • Our school would be able to develop a better understanding of the views and needs of parents and how we might address them.
  • Parents contribute time, ideas and skills which complement the ideas, skills and expertise of staff and governors
  • Developing a Parent Council would allow us to reach out to parents who are currently less engaged or not at all engaged with the school and overcome some of the barriers which prevent parents from engaging with the school.
  • Parent Councils provide a clear route for parents as a group (rather than individuals) to feed back to the school and governing body.


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