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Digital Champions are monitors for the technology that is used in Model School.  There is 1 Digital Champion per class.

They are children that have been picked by staff, who are interested, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about ICT. 

They use technology appropriately by promoting the SMART rules, support their classmates and are able to showcase what is possible. They develop their own skills and become a ‘model’ for what is achievable!

At Model School, digital champions are trained to carry out specific tasks regularly such as creating videos to showcase all the excellent work and events that go on in the school.  They always strive to support other pupils and teachers when using new technology. 

The role of the Digital Champions is imperative to us at the Model School especially with the implementation of the Digital Competence Framework (DCF) over the next year.

We regularly showcase work of the Digital Champions and class work that they have supported on our social media sites.

We are immensely proud of our Digital Champions particularly those from Years 5 and 6 who recently put their digital and creative skills to the test. During the Autumn term we entered a competition in conjunction with National School Meals Week in which the champions had to create a series of photographs celebrating school meals. Their enthusiasm was infectious and they were all eager to think up a verse and a joke to coincide with each photograph. We were crowned the winning school and won £100 worth of curriculum items for Model School. Well done to you!! The photographs can be seen on our school meals page. 

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