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We are an Eco School!


Here at the Model School we are very proud of all our Eco achievements. This year has been particularly successful as we have been awarded our green flag in celebration of all our hard work. It is flying with pride on our flag pole!


We have carried out many activities throughout the school year a few of which include:


  • An Eco Christmas tree competition                          
  • Taking part in Oxfam 'Send a child to school' appeal
  • Eco fancy dress
  • We have developed a Foundation Phase allotment and created homes for animals around our school including a mini beast hotel and bird boxes
  • The Eco Council have worked very hard in creating an Eco hymn -  we are very proud of it!


Eco online activities:

Click on the link below to learn about fruits and vegetables from around the world:


Click on the link below to make our own garden crafts:


Click on the link below to look at different habitats for animals:


If you can help us, we are always grateful for donations of bulbs, seeds, plants, compost and pots.

Many thanks

Mrs Good






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