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Over recent years our School Council has teamed up with the school’s Eco Council and Cyngor Cymraeg to form one large Council.  At the start of the school year, two pupils from every class from Reception to Year 6, are chosen or elected to become part of the School Council. Decisions made by the Council have a real impact on the rest of the school and we consider the Council to be the ‘Pupil’s Voice’.

The Council request that all classes have regular class meetings to discuss suggestions we can make to improve our school. Council representatives always come to meetings with ideas which are then discussed. 

In 2016, the School Council held a whole school competition for children to design a logo to show how the three Council’s have joined together.  We wanted the design to:

  • Include three pictures or images to show the three different Councils

  • Contain the words of each of the Councils

  • Be bright and colourful 


Pupils excelled in the competition and we received over a hundred entries which we were delighted with.  The School Council had the difficult job of judging the entries and we eventually chose our winning design. 







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