At Model Church in Wales School, we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum in order to ensure that all our pupils achieve their very best.

Pupil wellbeing is paramount and we are proud to be an Attachment Friendly School. We strive to create a positive emotional environment for all pupils and reinforce this through our SEAL Curriculum (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning).

The school promotes a person centred approach to planning. Personalising education is about recognising that every pupil with additional learning needs is an individual. By focusing on what matters to each individual child we can respond to their particular needs. Each pupil with additional learning needs can be taught and supported in the best possible way to ensure that they reach their potential.


We work in collaboration with many outside agencies including the Educational Psychologist, the Advisory Teacher for Dyslexia, Speech and Language Therapists, Health Professionals and the Behaviour Support Service.

Our well trained and experienced support staff deliver a number of intervention programmes aimed to target a range of difficulties and abilities.  Such programmes include Speech and Language Therapy, ChATT, Talkabout, Catch Up Literacy, Positive Play, Lego Therapy and Smartmoves.

If you would like to discuss your child’s individual educational needs then please make an appointment with our ALNCo Mrs J Davies.



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